this works...

Welcome to this private website!

After a major downtime and lack of time I finally re-established this page which I founded several years back. This private site is a base for my personal goals, developments and a platform for multimedia information exchange.

On this page you will find information of current and past projects that express my professional personal me. Some content may serve for me or others as helpful reminder, provide consolidated access to projects or just serve as a playground for the future. While I try to keep it technical accurate, all information is published as-is without any guarantee of correctness or completeness.

Instead of developing my own CMS I decided to base this page on the great public available GetSimple CMS. I still have to back port content of previous incarnations into this page, so bear with me if the content may still be incomplete. While this CMS support multi lingual pages I will try to keep the majority of this page actually in English.

The name of the page refers to the heureka moment when something one worked on finaly work as expected. For most of the posts on this page I probably started with something that actually didn't worked. May it be a compile error in some code or functional lack that had to be overcome. The final goal is to have something where we can say "this works..."